Grading of Speaker Reflections

As stated previously, you will keep a collection of your reflections – in our case, in one Google Doc.  Your collection can be reviewed again and again to track your personal growth and have new reflections provide new insights.

Use the following framework as a guide for your written reflection statements that you will be completing upon the conclusion of each Access to Our Local Kitchen seminar.  Be sure to include enough details to support each division of the reflection process.  Show me (and show yourself) what you have learned, and how that knowledge benefits you and the greater good.

WHAT? Cognitive Description What was the topic of the presentation?  What was the focus of the discussion?

What did you see, hear, say…

GUT? Affective Description What did you feel?  What feelings came up for you during the seminar?  What do you feel now?
SO WHAT? Analysis So what did you learn?  What difference does that make?  What do you understand differently now?
NOW WHAT? Application Now what will you do with what you have learned?  How does your learning apply to other courses, to other issues?

Each category will be graded on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).  Each reflective statement will be worth 20 points total.  Please label each section (WHAT? GUT? etc.) in your essay.  Each section should have at a minimum a fully-developed paragraph.