Food “Ideas Worth Spreading” via TED Videos

Each Friday, we will watch a TED video relating to local-to-global food issues and sustainability.  Students will be divided into pairs to answer questions online via an iPad.  After all students have submitted their responses, we will engage in a class-wide discussion to further explore the video topic.  After the student submissions have been graded, the videos will be posted online so they can be viewed again and shared outside of class.

Students will not be allowed to submit responses to the TED videos outside of scheduled class time.  Any student absent from class will receive an automatic grade of zero for that week’s TED grade.

For an excellent overview of TED, you are encouraged to read this article from the Journal of Sustainability Education, Who is TED, and Why Can’t I Talk for More Than 18 Minutes At A Time?

Birke Baehr: What’s wrong with our food system

Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment

Carolyn Steel: How food shapes our cities

Stephen Ritz: A teacher growing green in the South Bronx

Noah Wilson-Rich: Every city needs healthy honey bees

Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal

LaDonna Redmond (TEDxManhattan 2013): Food + Justice = Democracy

Urvashi Rangan (TEDxManhattan 2012):  From Fables to Labels

Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish: Teach every child about food

Ron Finley: A guerilla gardner in South Central LA
L.A. Green Grounds (organization website)
NBC Rock Center story on Camden, NJ

Jason Clay: How big brands can help save biodiversity

Josette Sheeran: Ending hunger now

Michael Pollan: A plant’s-eye view

Arthur Potts Dawson: A vision for sustainable restaurants