A Welcome to ERM 210

Environmental Resource Management (ERM) 210: Environmental Factors and Their Effect on Your Food Supply (3 credits, GN course)

Food stand at Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia

Food stand at Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia


Students will be able to summarize the individual components and analyze the integrated contributions that define the complexities of sustainable environmental (food) systems.

This course focuses on engaging students with innovative design and approaches to challenging sustainability and food supply topics.  Students will be involved with idea generation, project design development, information collection and analysis, and dissemination.


In addition to the overarching course goal, the following goals connect directly to the content delivered in ERM 210:

  • To understand the scientific method, how data is collected and results are analyzed
  • To increase the geographic literacy of each student
  • To be familiar and understand the vocabulary, acronyms, organizations, and “players” in the ‘buy local’ and food sustainability movement

Additional goals beyond the course content include:

  • To practice documentation and collaboration “in the cloud” with Google Docs
  • To be knowledgeable of where to search for reliable/accurate/current information relating to local-to-global sustainable food systems
  • To have students design and carry out a project that benefits the community (campus and beyond)

AT THE END OF THIS COURSE…. You will be able to define for yourself the following phrases:
“Buy Fresh, Buy Local”     “Buy Local, Buy Fair”


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